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The Snopake Filing range is plastic filing at its very finest.
We use only the best materials and components to produce products that make your life just a little easier.
It also means Snopake products are made to last. The planned lifetime of the average Snopake file is a minimum of 3 times its cardboard equivalent.

NEW Kindle / iPad / Tablet Cases Today the world is full of gadgets, all of which need protecting from everyday use or today’s busy lifestyles. This is why Snopake has developed GadgetGuard, the new range of tablet accessories that will act as a guardian angel to your gadgets. GadgetGuard is manufactured from polypropylene, which is flexible, tough & long lasting. It will prevent your gadgets from being scratched but also ensure the contents remain secure.
Desktop Essentials The Snopake 'DeskTop Essentials' range - all you need for your work station.
Correction Fluid,Pens and Rollers, Sticky Notes in various sizes and colours, Index Tabs, Adhesives and Glues.
Display Books, Presentation Products & Folders This section includes various size and capacity Display Books and Presentation products including our ever popular Superline Presentation Display Books and ReOrganisers.
Expanding Organisers & Multi-Part Files Multi-part files have several internal compartments to keep papers organised. They range from the very simple 3 part Polyfile Trio up the the sophisticated and elegant 26 part Reborn Organiser. All of them will help to keep your home and office paperwork a little bit more organised.
Wallets & Conference Folders Wallet files are shaped like an envelope with a flap to keep the contents safe. as well as lots of ingenious ideas, you will find some seriously heavy duty products listed here. Snopake Polyfiles are wallet style files but they are so popular we have given them as section all to themselves.

Conference Folders - This section contains folder style files that open like a book. They normally have internal pockets to keep papers organised and sometimes have a closure device.
Note Books & Writing Pads All the Snopake Products that include writing paper are listed here. That obviously includes notebooks, but also includes folders that include a notepad with other useful accessories or document storage. These are perfect meeting products for both notetaking and keeping useful papers handy.
'Polyfile' - Popper Wallets with Secure Press-Stud Polyfiles are Snopake's most famous filing product. Polyfiles are similar to an envelope with a pocket and flap. The flap has a press stud to keep it closed. The real Snopake difference is quality. The Clear and Classic colour A4 and Foolscap have an index label system and Electra colours are vibrant, but sophisticated.
Storage & Document Boxes This section contains various Snopake box type files and carry folders which range from the tiny BoxOffice Business card holder right up to the A2 Portfolio for carrying Artworks, maps or posters.
Ring Binder, Archive Files and Accessories This section contains Snopake Ringbinders, including Presentation Ringbinders that have a clear pocket on the front cover so they can be personalised with your own leaflet or brochure. It also includes Snopake Lever Arch files, Clampbinders and all accessories for our binder ranges.
Zippa Bags & Travel Ranges "Zippa" bags are incredibly versatile. Unlike most Snopake filing products which are made from crisp, rigid PP - "Zippa" bags are produced in soft, flexible PPE. This and the virtually waterproof zip closure means they can be used for all types of storage. Awkward shapes, bulky items, wet or damp items, or items that need to be kept dry, Zippa bag copes with all of them - easily. Section also includes our Travel range.
'Lite' - Quality/Value Range ... Simplicity at its best for everyday functionality

Snopake Lite has been designed to offer no frills simplicity and represent excellent value for money, whilst still offering the Snopake quality promise.
Snopake Lite is suitable for:
Schoolchildren and students, General household filing, Occasional use in the office
'Eligo' - Designer/Select Range eligo (Latin): to select, to pick out, to choose

Setting a new standard for stylish business stationery, the eligo range has been created for demanding executives and professionals who desire top quality, superbly finished products.
With unique colour-coded indexing systems, eligo has been designed to support content management for the quick retrival of information.
'The Art of Presentation' - Executive Range The Art Of Presentation - Making a lasting impression

An exclusive range of executive-styled binders, portfolios and organisers, specially designed to meet the needs and aspirations of demanding professionals, where perfect presentation is of paramount importance.

Available in Stellite Blue/Black and selected lines now available in Stellite Black.
'Green & Recycled' Ranges Snopake Bio2 is a complete range of filing & presentation products that will completely biodegrade when disposed of.

RainbowReBorn Extra strong covers with minimum 50% recycled content, with insides made from biodegradable PP and and labels from recycled paper.

The Reborn range is produced from advanced technology polypropylene that utilises up to 60% recycled material.
Special Offers, Deals & Clearance lines At Snopake Brands we're dedicated to constant innovation. We produce a constant stream of new and exciting products, but sometimes we have to clear a little space by discontinuing some of the older ones.